Plus Sized Reaction to Body Shaming


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October 22, 2015:
Plus sized models react to body shaming with photo spread.


Fat Shaming

Similar to the definition of body shaming, "fat shaming" is related in that people are bullied and teased online or in person for being overweight.

How have plus sized fashion models reacted to body shaming?

Models for larger-sized women's clothing appear in photoshoots that are a bit more revealing.

The plus sized modeling community is mobilizing against the negative stereotypes associated with body shaming, and hope to bring out more positive ideas about body image and being happy with who you are. Many models, as representatives of people who may be overweight, experience the same discrimination and attitudes that are prevalent in todays society. In particular, weight is seen as a sign of a character flaw or lack of self-control, despite the fact that many overweight people have struggled with dieting and weight loss to the point of getting their stomachs stapled. The unfortunate reality that metabolism and even viruses can cause obesity is lost on those who may be blessed with a body that does not store nutrients in the same manner.

Although there is a backlash against the body image movement, there has been a lot of accepance for plus-sized models and actors since the subject became popular. Because a large amount of the US population is overweight, plus sized actresses and actors are also considered to add realism.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Scientists are working diligently to locate a group that people can pick on with impunity.